Things You Must See and Do in Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan

Blue Lagoon

Visiting Lembongan was one of the best things we did while we visited Bali. In this post I will share some of the top things to do in Nusa Lembongan.

Bali is full of tourists, crowded and locals trying to sell you stuff all the time. Lembongan is the perfect escape from that. The island is calm, not as touristy and the locals do not try to sell you stuff as soon as they see you. The beaches are relatively clean with some really nice crystal clear waters and amazing sand. We really hope that this does not change as more tourists discover this amazing place.

It is quite easy to get to the island. Either book a your trip from one of the many small tourist stands in Bali which includes pickup from your hotel and boat ticket. Or get to Sanur (the harbour in Bali) with a Taxi or Uber and then just get a boat ticket from one of the boat companies. The price should not be more than 30$ for a return ticket.

Remember, the water in this area has pretty high waves and even though we were on one of the bigger boats, 3-4 people got sea sick on the ride which is less than 2 hours long. So if you have any degree of motion sickness we really recommend you to go with one of the bigger boats so you do not feel the waves as much.

Visit Mushroom Bay

Mushroom BayMushroom Bay is a wonderful beach with crystal clear waters ideal for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, doing water activities or just laying by the beach relaxing. The beach is not too crowded (at least it was not when we were there) but it still have a lot of activities around it. There is several bars and restaurants on the beach. If your budget allows it there is also some really nice bungalows here that you can spend the night at. If not, you can at least enjoy one of the infinity pools at one of the hotels.

Most of the snorkeling and diving trips also departs from this beach and we would really recommend you to go on one of these trips. Read more about that below.

Go on a snorkeling or diving trip

Nusa Lembongan is famous for its sea life and therefore one of the best places to go snorkeling or diving. They are very famous for their Manta Rays which is a huge ray that grows up to 7m in width. It was an amazing experience to swim next to these huge creatures and this was definitely the best part of our trip to Lembongan. We really recommend you to try this out!

Unfortunately we did not have our GoPro this time so we do not have any nice pictures of the mantas to share with you. But just google “Manta Rays” and you will see how beautiful they are.

The snorkeling trip was very easy to arrange. There is basically 2 options. You either wake up early in the morning, around 6 am, and head to Mushroom Bay. On the beach you will find plenty of local fishermen that will offer you a snorkeling trip.Β  Most of the time it will be a small boat with not so many people.Β  The price should be around 2-300 000 Rp (Around 15-20$) per person depending on how good your haggling skills are.

Option 2 is to book the trip the day before from one of the diving/tourist shops. You will find a bunch of those at Mushroom bay just before you get to the beach. They usually have a bit larger boats and a larger group. Anywhere from 6-8 people and up to around 30 people. On our trip we were around 12 people. The price is similar to the to the price that you get from the fisherman, possibly slightly higher.

We felt a bit more secure going with the agencies as the boats were larger with more people on. But next time we will probably go with a local fishermen instead as you would get a more “private” tour with them. Whether you go with the fishermen or with one of the agencies they all include 3-4 spots and the trip takes around 2.5-3 hours. Just make sure one of the spots are a manta point, so you get the chance to see these amazing creatures.


Go see the seaweed farms

Sea Weed FarmSeaweed farming was one of the most important industries for the island but there is not much farming going on any longer due to the tourism being a better business. However, you can still go and see the farming fields as it is very beautiful. It is most easily accessible by a bike or scooter.


Rent a scooter or bicycle and scoot around the island

The island has a lot of beautiful scenery that you will miss if you are just going by foot or only taking taxis. We would really recommend you to rent a bicycle or bike and just drive around the islands and explore for a full day. You will see beautiful beaches, amazing nature and also see some of the locals doing their everyday activities. Nusa Ceningan is also most easily accessible by bike so make sure you at least dedicate a few hours in Ceningan.

There is a lot of hotels with amazing infinity pools around the islands so if you see one, take a break and enjoy a nice swim with some incredible views. They are usually free to use even if you are not a guest at the hotel.

Renting a scooter is super easy. Once you arrive at Lembongan you will immediately see plenty of shops renting out bikes. The price is around 5-7$ per day. Just make sure to test the bike before you leave and let them know of any damages or faults so you do not get responsible for existing issues. The roads on the island are not always perfect and sometimes you will even have to go off-road. So make sure you use a helmet!

Visit Devil’s Tears

Devils tearsDevil’s tears is a spectacular place well worth a visit. Here you will see the power of the ocean with huge waves crashing into the cliffs making anyone standing nearby completely wet. You can easily just stand here for a good while and enjoy the sound of waves and the incredible view. You will also get a really nice sunset at this place so try to go at the afternoon so you get to see the sunset as well.

Very close to Devil’s tears you also have Dream Beach and Sunset Beach which are two quiet and calm beaches with really beautiful sand and crystal clear waters. You should visit at least one of those as well.

Explore Mangrove Forest with a paddle boat

For some reason we skipped this but we will definitely do this next time we visit Lembongan. Since the seaweed industry started closing down a lot of the former seaweed farmers started using their boats to offer tourists a trip trough the Mangrove Forest instead.

Here you can see some really nice nature with wild life such as birds, lizards and crabs. Usually you paddle throught the forest with a small boat and a local guide. A 20-minute trip should cost around 7-8$ for one person or 11-12$ for two people. Just take your bike or walk to the area and once you are here you will find plenty of locals offering you a tour.



Take a daytrip to Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan Bridge

This was definitely one of the highpoints of our trip to Lembongan. We took our scooter and spent half a day at Nusa Ceningan. There is only one way to get there and that is through the popular yellow bridge. The bridge is very small and looks really unstable. Only a few people are allowed to be on the bridge at the same time so if you see that someone is already on it, wait until they have got off before you cross the bridge. It was a bit scary to cross the bridge with our scooter but we survived!

Once you are at Nusa Ceningan, just follow one of the roads and go around the island. You will find some beautiful spots on the way, we promise! Read more about those below.

Enjoy the view from the viewpoint in Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan ViewpointThe viewpoint at Nusa Ceningan sits at the highest point of the island and offers and amazing view. There is also nice restaurant/bar so that you can enjoy some refreshments. When coming from Lembongan take left from the bridge and then just follow the signs. The road can be a bit hard to drive at times but the view is well worth it. You will also pass by some nice nature and amazing view on your way.


Visit Blue Lagoon

Blue LagoonOnce you have been at the viewpoint in Ceningan continue your trip across the island and follow the signs to Blue Lagoon. Here you will see some amazing crystal clear water from the cliffs. If you are a bit more adventurous than us you can also do some incredible cliff jumping from here. If not, just get here and enjoy the incredible view.

Nearby you can also find hotels with some nice infinity pools if you need to cool down.


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