About Us

Hi, we are the Backpacking Foodies!

Have you ever woken up asking yourself “is this all there is?” or thinking “I cannot do this anymore”? That’s what we were asking and telling each other for a very long time. Now, finally, we are on our biggest adventure ever.

Our names are Ophelia and Pajam and we have been a couple for 5 years. The biggest interests that we have in common are food and exploring. These are also the main reasons to travel, according to us.

Last year we quit our 9-5 jobs to travel the world. We want to discover what’s more to life than to wake up every morning going to work and longing for the weekend all week. To get only a couple of weeks time to travel each year is not something we can live with.

During our 5 years together we have been living in Sweden, working, studying and longing for exploring the world. We are now both 23 years old and are finally doing what we have dreamed about for a long time. We left our homes in Sweden and are now learning more about life, the world and ourselves.

We would love for you to join our journey!

Ophelia & Pajam